Joseph Hansen from Buy Box Experts on CEO Money

Joseph Hansen
CEO – Buy Box Experts
Joseph Hansen is a seasoned entrepreneur and e-commerce expert who founded and sold several companies. In 2012, Hansen founded Buy Box Experts, a consultancy supporting brands on Amazon. Buy Box Experts provides strategic-level advisory services to help executives and management teams develop an Amazon strategy to control online brand equity, stabilize pricing, and improve product sales. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University.

The Buy Box team applies decades of e-commerce experience to successfully manage our clients’ marketplace accounts. Their account managers specialize in combining an understanding of your business fundamentals and an in-depth expertise in the Amazon Marketplace. They work with their marketplace technicians using a system of processes, proprietary software, and extensive channel experience to ensure your Amazon presence captures the opportunity on the marketplace not only producing greater revenue and profits but also reducing or eliminating your business’ workload.