Mark Elliott from Boxlight Corporation on CEO Money

Mark Elliott
CEO – Boxlight Corporation
Founded in 1985, Boxlight, a US owned and operated company, quickly became a leader in presentation technology, climbing Inc. 500 lists and becoming synonymous with projection and display solutions for business, government, and education. After taking over Boxlight’s US and worldwide operations in 2009, Hank and Sunshine Nance focused the company on the education industry.

In 2016, Boxlight acquired Mimio. Together they are a leading global provider of technology in the classroom. The partnership enables Boxlight to bring to today’s education market powerful, integrated solutions that are unmatched. But even more inspiring is where their combined passion for learning will take educational technology, classroom educators, and students in the years ahead.

“The merger brings a comprehensive lineup of award-winning, proven educational solutions that meet the instructional needs of K-12 districts, schools, and students,” notes Mark Elliott, CEO of Boxlight Corporation. “It allows Boxlight to take another step forward in its journey to partner with schools to create the dynamic classrooms that are needed to educate students today and tomorrow.”

Mr. Elliott has served as Boxlight’s Chief Executive Officer since September 18, 2014. From 2012 to date, he has also served as the President of Genesis. From 2005 through 2012, he was the President of Promethean, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of whiteboards and interactive learning devices and led the team that grew Promethean in the Americas from $5 million in revenue to $250 million, with over 1,300,000 interactive whiteboards installed around the world. Throughout his career, Mr. Elliott has held senior executive roles, including president, senior vice president or director roles with Apple Computer, Lawson Software, E3 Corporation, PowerCerv Technologies, Tandem Computers, and Unisys/Burroughs. Mr. Elliott received a BBA in Economics from the University of North Georgia and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Management from Georgia Institute of Technology.