Mark Passacantando from North Atlantic Business Advisors

Mark Passacantando
Founder and CEO – North Atlantic Business Advisors

Mark brings over 33 years of extensive experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, management and operations to North Atlantic Business Advisors. Mark’s successful career has taken him to a number of industries including wealth management, insurance, banking, CPA firms, manufacturing, retail and many others.

He has launched or helped to launch 5 start-ups. Additionally, he works in assisting the Entrepreneurial Program at Boston University and is a resource for the MIT Venture Mentoring Service. Mark also taught Finance at Harvard University for 10 years and has been a professor at Boston University for the past 16 years.

Mark has held senior positions at firms in Boston, Hartford and West Hartford including Senior Audit Officer, Director of Compliance, Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Officer and a member of several Boards of Directors. He has travelled internationally to support corporate goals in these capacities. He has concurrently served as an expert witness since 2001 in cases involving investment securities. This work has been both to support plaintiffs and defendants for or against many Wall Street firms including JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and many others.

North Atlantic Business Advisors Are Business Consultants AND Business Brokers! They enable privately-held business owners to plan for the eventual, successful transfer of business ownership.