Naveen Dhillon from Antriex Technologies on CEO Money

Naveen Dhillon
Founder & CEO
Antriex Technologies
Antriex is an upcoming blockchain based platform where you can access top crypto currencies in a simple and secure way. It will be launching its flagship exchange ANTMEX in May, 2018. Antriex enables user to trade on a highly sophisticated platform like a pro, with ease of use, range of products and reliablity of data with security of funds.

Naveen graduated form IIT Roorkee in 2015, and worked at Futures First for 2 years. Since his university days he was involved in trading in US financial markets including bonds, equities and commodities, and has a deep interest in macro economics. For the last 18 months he has been engaged with crypto currencies, including developing Antriex, a crypto currency exchange which will be launched in May 2018.