Pat Mackaronis from Brabble on CEO Money

Pat Mackaronis
Director of Business Development / Founder – Brabble
Brabble is a unique social app that combines the worlds of e-commerce and social media where users can communicate with all forms of media – Audio, Video, Picture & Text while having the ability to buy and sell goods and services with our our patented technology called StarTags! A Star Tag lets you sell products on brabble and link the items to other social networks to maximize your sales reach!


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    […] Brabble is in partnership discussions with some of the world’s largest e-commerce companies; in addition, the company is developing technology to customize integrations with these platforms that will not only maximize sales reach but also drive consistent sales and long-term growth. […]

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    […] are three principal segments that business specialists, for the most part, the base of business improvement: markets, clients, and connections. Keeping in […]

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    […] to be patient and not be over ambitious when dealing with any business- related activities. Patrick Mackaronis also added, "You should be reasonable about your desires and endeavour to be persistent. One […]

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