Quirze Salomo from Mealtoken.io on CEO Money

Quirze Salomo
Home Meal Replacement S.A. (Nostrum)
Nostrum produces, distributes and sells its in-house prepared dishes that stand out for being prepared using traditional recipes, using 100% natural ingredients. Its quality is recognized by its clients resulting in a fan base of more than 800,000 members. The dishes are prepared in the central kitchens near Barcelona with a daily-fresh distribution to all its restaurants.
Nostrum has partnered with Cryptofranchise System AG in order to become the first brand in QSR creating and using its own cryptocurrency, the MealToken, as well as to collaborate on the development of the Cryptofranchise platform, underpinning franchise business models on blockchain technologies for the benefit of franchise-based businesses all over the world. Nostrum will be the first brand to make use of the Cryptofranchise System.
Mr. Salomo is President of the Board of Directors, Managing Director, founder and major shareholder of Home Meal Replacement S.A. (Nostrum). He is a certified accounting expert (Business School of Sabadell) and Analyst Programmer (Bit Informatica). Before founding Nostrum, he was Business Manager for the multinational company Mc Bride. Prior to McBride, he was a director and shareholder of Arco Iris. Its main business was the production of homebrand products for well-known distribution chains such as Pryca, Mercadona, Caprabo and Alcampo.