Ridhima Parvathaneni from Boon VR on CEO Money

Ridhima Parvathaneni
Founder and CEO – Boon VR
Ridhima is a serial entrepreneur. Her first venture Seaways Free Trade Zone was a B2B logistics company that owned and operated logistics parks on the coasts of India for seamless storage, customs clearance and value-added services such as labeling and consolidation of imports and exports.

Their clients included Fortune 10 companies, large traders, and thousands of small time import/export houses that depended on the Free Trade Zone for just-in-time delivery that earlier was hardly possible in the country. The company achieved $1 MN annual revenue in Y2 itself and continues to be a flourishing business with current monthly revenue of $250K and a high profit margin of 35%.

In early 2016 Ridhima started Boon to fulfill her dream of immersive human computer interaction. She wants people to have the opportunity to work immersively and interactively to propagate world commerce.
Ridhima has dual bachelors degrees in systems engineering and business management from University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School.