Sean O’Leary from EdjAnalytics and EdjSports on CEO Money

Sean O’Leary
CEO & Co-Founder
EdjAnalytics & EdjSports
Sean O’Leary is the CEO and Co-founder of EdjAnalytics, a Louisville-based data science and prescriptive analytics company that builds proprietary tools focused on helping people improve decision-making. Prior to Edj, Sean was the co-founder and CEO of Genscape, Inc. – a Louisville headquartered organization that offers proprietary data to the global energy markets and was sold to the Daily Mail and General Trust.

O’Leary has been recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year which honors entrepreneurial excellence in vision, innovation, courage, and leadership in building and growing successful businesses.

In 2006, Indiana University astrophysicist Chuck Bower and world backgammon champion Frank Frigo recognized that neural net programs had already surpassed the best humans in skilled board games. They began exploring how computer simulation models could aid NFL coaches in critical play-calling decisions.

Enter Zeus. This computer model shook the conventional wisdom of NFL coaches – particularly on intra-game risk management decisions. Where other models focused on the expected points of generic teams, Zeus was assessing the win probability of accurately customized opponents. The revolutionary program caught the attention of sports media, NFL coaches, analysts and owners.

It didn’t take long to realize the lessons learned on the gridiron could be applied to a host of other applications. In 2013, Chuck and Frank partnered with Sean O’Leary, former CEO/Co-Founder of Genscape, and EdjAnalytics was born.

Today, we are a diverse team of physicists, mathematicians, engineers, programmers, world-class game theorists, product developers & inventors. Edj has quickly pioneered new predictive modeling techniques to inform smarter decision-making in financial markets, healthcare and education among other industries.