September 15, 2017 CEO Money interview with Karl Kaufman – American Dream Investing

Karl Kaufman

Founder and CEO – American Dream Investing
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Founder and owner Richard H. Kaufman is the American Dream personified. Born into a struggling family in Brooklyn, Richard ‘s single mother always put him and his four brothers first, but working full-time to put food on the table made times even tougher in an already tough New York neighborhood.

Rich and his wife Abbe saved their money through the early years of their marriage so that their children could have the best education possible. Their sons Karl & Jonathan both attended Cornell University, and Karl graduated with a degree in Communication with a Business Concentration. After he was outsourced from his first job as a stock market data analyst, Karl took his severance package and started investing based on what Rich was doing. He now has a significant nest egg saved for retirement that will keep growing through the years.

Richard and Karl teamed up to create an innovative and disruptive way to make money: American Dream Investing. Using methods that can be learned with time and determination, Rich went from poverty to the top 1%, and he can show you how he succeeded. American Dream Investing ‘s Private Class Membership offers you exclusive access to Rich ‘s portfolio and members receive text messages and emails whenever he makes a trade.