Todd Horwitz from Bubba Trading on CEO Money

Todd Horwitz
President – Bubba Trading

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz teaches beginners and experts a better way to trade and invest through podcasts, options training courses, and other services. In addition to my trading, he has have a number of educational and media ventures, which include hosting a daily podcast The Bubba Show. Mr. Horwitz is the founder and chief strategist of

As the moderator of a daily sixty minute radio broadcast, the “Bubba Show” he specialize in dissecting the news and educating investors from beginners and experts. The show brings a unique perspective, not only on the financial markets, but also the geopolitical and social events that are influencing the world. The eclectic nature of the broadcast allows me to interview a wide range of personalities from ex-Fed governor Andrew Huzar, to personalities from the financial community such as Terry Savage, Liz Claman and David Asman.