Valto Loikannon from Grow VC Group on CEO Money

Valto Loikkanen
Grow VC Group
Established in 2009, Grow VC Group is the global leader of fintech innovations, digital and distributed finance services, and digital infratructures. Their mission is to make the finance services more effective, transparent and democratic.

Grow VC builds businesses that enable digital finance services globally, by offering technology, data, finance instruments and competence to disrupt the old finance models, and making it easier for anyone to implement new finance services, invest and get access to capital.

They started the world’s first equity crowdfunding service, and since then have introduced many new digital finance services for digital distributed data oriented finance services. They have shifted our focus from crowdfunding more generally to fintech and digital finance, and especially on distributed digital services and infrastructure platforms and back offices.

Valto Loikkanen is an internationally awarded serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of global business experience. He is a co-founder and CEO of the Grow VC Group, a global leader in enabling FinTech & digital finance services and co-founder and Senior Advisor at Startup Commons focused on digital transformation in startup ecosystems for data-driven policymaking and KPI based ecosystem development – for scaling innovation and entrepreneurship around the world.
Valto is a visionary and strategic, hands-on professional with deep knowledge about digital world concepts and technologies connecting with the real world. He is a recognized speaker and advises public policy makers in various countries in Europe, Asia and USA.