Visionary analyst Michael Markowski on CEO Money

Michael Markowski
CEO – Financial Analyst
Dynasty Wealth

On today’s show, WFN1 Contributor Michael Markowski talks about what is pervaps his biggest discovery ever – which if you are interested in cryptocurrency you will want to hear.

Michael Markowski has been involved in the Capital Markets since 1977. He spent the first 15 years of his career in the Financial Services Industry as a Stockbroker, Portfolio Manager, Venture Capitalist, Investment Banker and Analyst. Since 1996 Markowski has been involved in the Financial Information Industry and has produced research, information and products that have been used by investors to increase their performance and reduce their risk.

Dynasty Wealth was founded from research conducted by Michael Markowski on the transformation from the industrial to the digital economy. Mr. Markowski, a 40-year veteran of the securities markets predicts that the decade ending 2020 will be recorded by historians as the best ever for investors for returns of 100 to 1,000 times on investments. Producing such wealth quickly became possible ONLY after Netscape launched its Navigator browser in 1995. The launch of the first smart phone in 2007, resulted in apps accelerating the proliferation of the digital economy.