Visionary analyst Michael Markowski on CEO Money

Michael Markowski
CEO – Financial Analyst
Dynasty Wealth

On today’s show, WFN1 contributor Michael Markowski discussed his recent reports about the risk that the Trump tariffs will cause for the stock market.   See his tariffs report that was published by WFN1 here.   Since the stock market is at one of its highest relative valuation points over the last 100 years he has been doing a lot of research on a bubble that he discovered and has been tracking since 2016.   See bubble and his report that was released on WFN1 here.

Michael Markowski a visionary analyst who is a WFN1 contributor. He has 41 years of experience in the capital markets, and is a visionary analyst who predicted the demise of Lehman in his magazine column a year before it’s bankruptcy. Fortune Magazine named him as one of its 50 Great Investors. His core and media verifiable expertise is in the following areas:

  • Market Crashes
  • Startup IPOs
  • Digital Economy
  • Cash Flow Statement analysis