Episode 6: Mel Lisiten

Who is Mel Lisiten? He’s the Chairman and President of Lisiten Business Associates Business Brokers at lisitenassociates.com. He’s also the builder of several Fashion companies (with a background in the fashion industry as a design and marketing entrepreneur), one of which is still a huge international sportswear brand that he sold to Getty Family Interests after his smash success. On top of everything, Mel’s also got a foot in the real estate door through his former company INSTAHOUSE that he sold in 1980. Through his company, formerly known as FASHIONLAB, Mel’s worked with companies like LEVI-STRAUSS, MACY’S, LEGO-SWEDEN, BANANA REPUBLIC, and COCA-COLA. And today on CEO Money, he’s sitting down with Michael Yorba to talk about how he made it all happen!