Mat Rhoades on BLMG’s ethos of creating environmental sustainability and social responsibility
BLMG is a holding company with a diversified portfolio of companies initiating sustainable in energy, land management, intellectual property, and supply chain solutions for emerging global marketplaces.
Co-Founder Mat Rhoades came on CEO Money TV to talk about their commitment to developing and utilizing sustainable energy sources, supply chain solutions, and infrastructure to support various emerging global industries.
Their approach is to constantly seek out, evaluate, and validate utilization to ensure and maximize social responsibility and create a lasting, positive environmental impact – BLMG is focused on creating a better, cleaner, sustainable world.
Matt Rhoades is an experienced executive and strategic consultant who diverged from the usual college path during the break and emergence of the Dot Com era, to immediately bring his technical capabilities to bear for Levis Strauss & Company, a Fortune 100 Multinational. Most recently he has been a serial entrepreneur delivering streamlined solutions to start-ups, SMB’s, and Fortune 100 firms across multiple sectors.