BlockTEST is a project founded at MIT to evaluate blockchain projects for performance and security

BlockTEST was founded to support blockchain as a service, where the credible technology progression and adoption can be validated and connected with real value investing.
BlockTEST is purpose-built to analyze blockchain data and present timely information and reports with standards, framework, and strategic insights to solve problems and unlock new opportunities.
Jennifer Jiang is co-founder of Blocktest, and director of the Blockchain and Fintech at Z-park Boston Innovation Center. Prior to joining MIT as a Sloan Fellow’17 to focus on blockchain/Fintech entreprenueship, she was the Global Head of RMB Solutions and executive director at J.P.Morgan, with more than 15 years’ experience in investment banking, structured financing and quantitative risk-return modelling at JPMorgan, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup.
Jennifer currently sits on the Ecosystem and Advocacy Committee of ID2020, a global alliance committed to improving lives through digital identity. She also serves as the senior advisor at Harvard CAM lab, and mentor at MIT Enterprise Forum.
Jennifer obtained M.Sc in Management of Technology (MoT) from MIT, MBA from McGill University, and bachelor in statistics from Renmin University of China.
Jennifer is always interested in connecting with other leaders and influencers who believe in using the power of imagination and collaboration to create impact for the future. Jennifer’s MIT thesis was dedicated on the consensus mechanism of blockchain and applications in securitiziation.

Jennifer Jiang