Buzzballz founder Merrilee Kick’s journey to create the only woman owned “Distillery/Winery” in the USA

Merrilee Kick created the BuzzBallz concept and founded the company in Carrollton, Texas with the goal to revolutionize the world of mixed drinks. She had the idea to make new, unbreakable containers so she invented the first plastic beverage ‘can’ sold in the USA. Her thought was to create a product that was safe for all activities like the beach, pool, camping, or tailgating with drinks prepared like you would make them at home with real juice and natural ingredients. She wanted customers to be able to purchase ‘by the drink’ and mix and match flavors without being forced to buy a 4 or 6-pack. Lastly, she wanted a good, strong drink that isn’t watered down-one strong enough to put you in the party spirit. In 2016, she transformed the company to complement the ready-to- drink part of the business. Southern Champion has a broader scope and utilizes the talents and equipment to create spirit and wine lines with a focus on premium brands with exceptional style.

Merrilee Kick
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