Cogent Analytics’ Rob Braiman looks at profit differently to improve business performance

Often, business owners view profit as something that may or may not be left over at the end of the month, quarter, or year. This perspective means that you, the business owner, have no control over your profit. But profit is not a residual. Profit must be defined and, as a business owner, you have control. In fact, engineering for profitability is the only way you can cover all of your cash flow obligations and still have liquidity left at the end of a given period.
Cogent’s advisors teach our clients the theory of break-even and then implement a strategy that influences all aspects of their business process. This starts with the planning process. Profit is the ultimate goal for any business – though it should not come at the expense of ethics or people.

Rob Braiman founded Cogent Analytics after spending over 10 years as a senior business analyst helping to improve and build main street businesses across the country. The mission of Cogent Analytics is to bring tools of better management, organization, and profitability to privately held, small to mid-sized businesses; and to deliver our services with integrity and transparency.

Rob Braiman

Principle, Managing Member
Cogent Analytics