David Kam about how the asset backed Earth Dollar is a crypto that can restore the environment and overcome poverty

David Kam
Chairman and CEO
Earth Dollar
The Earth Dollar is asset-backed, self-regulating, decentralized, open and takes action on climate change. It creates intrinsic value by rewarding restoration and preservation of the Earth in order to overcome poverty and to create a sustainable world.

Earth Dollar and its Living Economic System will prove that we can generate wealth, prosperity, and abundance by caring for the Earth. By modeling the World Bank’s Natural Capital Accounting System on the blockchain, this new wealth generation system changes our current economic system from extraction to restoration. The appreciating natural capital assets back the value of the Earth Dollar. When more trees are planted, waters are cleaned and more food is grown, new wealth will be generated.

Earth Dollar represents the largest deployment of natural capital assets on the blockchain, which includes ecological services, natural resources, and social enterprises. These natural capital assets that are part of our World Heritage Sanctuaries are being co-stewarded in partnership with Indigenous Nations and local communities. The sanctuaries are protected from commercial exploitation and is expected to be restored to pristine conditions while lifting the people out of poverty. By incorporating the Natural Capital Accounting System on our blockchain platform, trillions of dollars of dormant assets can be freed up to revitalize global economies and to heal our planet.

David Kam is the Original Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Earth Dollar. Since 2011 he has been in the blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry after indigenous nations approached him to help them end the poverty and sufffering of their people. He had a dream vision of the Tree of Life in 2013, which gave rise to the idea of the Earth Dollar, a currency backed by the health and wellness of Mother Earth. He is also the Chairman of the U.S. Blockchain Association and the President of the Nevada Blockchain Association. He is a co-author of a new book on “The Future of Blockchain Technology”. He is also the co-host of a new upcoming TV show on blockchain and cryptocurrencies called the Satoshi Show. He hopes to use the blockchain counter culture movement to alleviate global poverty and to heal Our Mother Earth (H.O.M.E.). David was born and grew up in Canada, and speaks English, French and Chinese. Following his Chinese Hakka heritage of revolutionaries and changemakers, he works with indigenous peoples worldwide to help them with their independence and prosperity. David is a multi-talented individual and has worked with one the world’s top 50 of Fortune 500 Companies.