Dennis O’Neill updates us about Futurocoin and the CoinOFF Mine game

FuturoCoin is the first cryptocurrency where all transactions are instant.
Through this system the consensus is achieved by means of masternodes, which lock the inputs and validate transaction correctness.

CoinOFF Mine is a mobile game that uses AR technology. Go out and explore the world to find FuturoCoins. Fight with opponents to be rewarded with a bigger amount of cryptocurrency, which you can send to your wallet. You can also upgrade your weapon and tools. Mining FuturoCoin in the real world!

Dennis O’Neill has over 25 years experience as an Investment Banker and raised over 2 billion dollars in capital for early stage companies to date. We are very active in the ICO/Blockchain space. Helping ICO’s access capital from Family Offices and other institutional investors.

Dennis O’Neill
CEO – O’Neill Capital Advisors