Drexel Hamilton is a veteran helmed investment manager developing several alt investment funds

Drexel Hamilton, LLC is a service-disabled veteran-owned and operated broker-dealer founded on the principle of offering meaningful employment opportunities to disabled veterans. At Drexel Hamilton, it is our belief that the long-term prosperity of our philanthropic mission to train and employ disabled veterans is solely dependent upon our success in developing a viable business. It is this commitment which has been the impetus behind the initial development of and continued investment in a viable full-service institutional broker-dealer.

Brody Howatt served 5 years in the Army–one year in Ad Dawr, Iraq where my unit was part of the capture of Saddam Hussein. He left the military in May of ’04 and later that year Aug 1, 20003 officially started at SAC Capital that later became Point72.
Brody spent 14 years at SAC/Point72 and then decided to leave and lead a team of disabled veterans and start an asset manager: Drexel Hamilton Asset Management LLC, where he will be looking to give 5% of profits to veteran causes and create different verticals/funds that will all have veterans at the helm.

Brody Howatt
Drexel Hamilton Asset Management LLC