Eric Termuende on the future of work and how job fulfillment is evolving

Eric Termuende is the co-founder of NoW Innovations, a bestselling author, and an international speaker. Termuende was recognized as a Top 100 Emerging Innovators under 35 globally by American Express, is a TEDx speaker, and represented Canada at the G20 Summit. He speaks and writes around the world about the future of work and human-centricity in the workplace.

Eric is on a mission to change the way we talk about work and how we get fulfillment from it. Work is no longer a 9-5 experience. We can’t leave it at the office, and rarely do we turn off. When we’re in the office, we don’t really ‘talk’ to our colleagues and teams like we used to, we text them, use tools like Slack, or the company intranet. When we look for jobs, we find that companies are advertising perks, and not necessarily the whole experience on the job. The result? We’re losing trust and humility. We need to get it back.

Eric Termuende
NoW Innovations