Farhaj Mayan created FADE to use technology to redefine men’s grooming

Farhaj previously worked at an aerial intelligence, virtual reality video production and experiential marketing startups before conceptualizing FADE. He placed first in the 2013 World Robot Olympiad at the age of 16 for creating the world’s first LEGO Mindstorms controlled quadcopter. He also travelled 1200 miles across Europe trading only RedBull as currency for the 2016 Can you make it? challenge. Today, Farhaj uses his unique background and experience to design the UI/UX for the platform, control its branding/identity and direct the overall vision for the company.

FADE helps men find & book with skilled local barbers personalized to their unique hair needs. Barbers, benefit from FADE by reaching new customers easily while expanding their revenue channels from the convenience of their phone.

The Men’s grooming industry is worth $27 billion dollars today. This industry is growing at 6% year over year and account for 628 millions haircuts annually.
Currently men find local barbers through word-of-mouth or by searching for barber recommendations through google which is highly influenced by the pay to play model relying on platforms like Yelp and their own recommendation engine (not based on relevancy/merit). This is a huge problem as the discovery process in this massive service industry is currently broken, forcing skilled local barbers and shop owners to cannibalize each other just to keep their chairs filled and shop in business. While franchises on the other hand invest heavily into SEO and SMM and cleverly corner the market.
One of FADE’s core differentiators is how we use data to make hyper personalized recommendations. They believe this model will help prove that niche marketplaces could generate higher ROI for brands by placing beautiful ads in front of a hyper-targeted audience.
Team FADE just graduated the inaugural MassChallenge Texas accelerator. We were one of the 84 companies (4 in DFW) out of 520 applications that were accepted in to the program. We spent the last 4 months developing our platform, optimizing our product and fine-tuning our sales/marketing strategies.

Farhaj Mayan