H/Cell Energy Corporation has a system to completely power a residence or commercial property with clean energy

H/Cell Energy Corporation has developed and implemented a hydrogen energy system used to completely power a residence or commercial property with clean energy so that it can run independent of the utility grid and also provide energy to the utility grid for monetary credits. It is a system that solves the need to produce clean energy and eliminate greenhouse gases for a better environment and a better world. This unique system uses renewable energy as its source for hydrogen production. Whether it is powering a home or commercial property with clean energy or providing hydrogen fueling stations for transportation, H/Cell Energy Corporation is innovative in integrating clean energy technology that protects our environment for future generations.

With over 25 years of experience in business planning, operations, mergers, acquisitions, financing, corporate governance, SEC compliance and investor relations, Mr. Hidalgo is responsible for the strategic direction and development of the company. He is a Managing Partner at Turquino Equity LLC which is a firm that focuses on private equity investments. Formerly, he was the Founder, Chairman and CEO of WPCS International Incorporated which grew to over $100 million in profitable annual revenue. At WPCS, he raised over $40 million of equity financing and acquired 19 companies on three continents while achieving a NASDAQ Global Market listing. Prior experience included operational and business development roles with 3M, Schlumberger and General Electric where he was a member of the corporate business development committee.

Andy Hidalgo
H/Cell Energy Corporation