How to close your potential customers – the 7 P’s of risk reduction with Mark S A Smith

Bija (pronounced BEE-zhah) the Sanskrit word for seed, represents full potential within a small package. Everything that’s necessary to grow a mighty tree exists in the seed. All that’s required for the tree to develop is the correct environmental conditions.

The Bija Company team takes you from potential to performance. They help you develop your business reach its potential with education, coaching, and marketing execution programs.

Mark S A Smith works with executives who must build and run a sustainable, scalable, profitable and salable business. He does this by educating and coaching them on the executive strategy skill stack, the seven elements that must be in place to be an effective business leader. He hosts the Executive Strategy Skills Summit, has authored 14 books, been paid to work in 54 countries. Working in the world of customer acquisition since 1982, Mark uses systems thinking to help organizations successfully bring new, disruptive technology to market, learning the secret to conducting conversations with customers who don’t think they want or need what’s being sold.

Mark S A Smith
The Bija Company