“In the know Trader” Rick Bensignor shares trading war stories and explains behavioral finance theory

Rick is the founder and CEO of The Bensignor Group, a financial markets behavior consulting, corporate training and performance coaching firm. He is the well-known former Morgan Stanley Chief Market Strategist and was also the Head of Cross-Asset Trading Strategy at Wells Fargo Securities; Chief of Behavioral Market Strategy at Dahlman Rose & Co.; and Head of Futures, Commodities, and Technical Analysis sales and product development at Bloomberg, LP. Rick taught at NYU for 11 semesters, and was the first to have taught Behavioral Finance Theory for Wealth Management there. At the start of his career, Rick spent 12 years trading as a floor broker and independent trader on the New York Futures Exchange, COMEX, and the Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa Exchange. Currently, his weekly market report for institutional clients, “Supposedly Irrelevant Factors”, is read by some of the most continuously successful mutual fund, pension fund, and hedge fund portfolio managers and traders across the globe. Rick also recently created his InTheKnowTrader.com website, where he delivers individual investor clients institutional-quality weekly market insights and specific ETF trade recommendations.

Rick Bensignor
Founder & CEO
The Bensignor Group
www.thebensignorgroup.com www.intheknowtrader.com