John Vandermosten outlines some gene therapy companies to watch – found funding in Q2

Precision Biosciences is a gene editing company that was able to raise $110 million in June. They are using what is called a homing endonuclease which can potentially recognize very specific DNA sequences and replace them with new DNA sequences.

Beam Therapeutics was another of the top capital getters with its gene editing platform focused on CRISPR-Cas9. They launched with earliest stage Series A funding of $87 million led by F-Prime Capital Partners and ARCH Venture Partners.

Kaleido Biosciences is developing a pipeline of microbiome metabolic therapies that address urea cycle disorders, the liver, the impact of antibiotics, gastrointestinal issues and other diseases.

John Vandermosten is currently a senior biotechnology research analyst for Zacks Investment Research where he covers a portfolio of small cap biotechnology names. His background includes 15 years of experience in a variety of investment management and research roles across all market cap ranges and throughout the capital structure.

John Vandermosten
Senior Biotechnology Analyst
Zacks Small Cap Research