Leigh Rothschild created Qmage to revolutionize the way images are viewed and experienced

Qmage allows a user to capture a digital image and then permanently associate information including audio files, video files, text and url links with the image. The digital image can then be printed and scanned to bring back all the associated information or placed on the internet. The application is currently developed in IOS format with work starting in 2018 on a Andriod format. Rothschild states that by enhancing commerce in several major industries Qmage has multiple revenue and partnership opportunities. Advertisers can use the platform to market to their users, businesses can run custom Qmage marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement, and customers can utilize Qmage for e-commerce purchases.

Qmage Founder and CEO Leigh Rothschild has more than 110 issued patents and 250 pending patents. He has licensed and sold patents to many of the major Fortune 100 companies around the world including Apple, and Intellectual Ventures. He is the former Chairman and founder of BarPoint.com, a NASDAQ publicly traded wireless information company and the early creator of connecting symbology; such as “barcodes” to the internet.

Leigh Rothschild