Lightbox uses cutting edge technology to offer spectacular lab grown diamonds at an accesible price

Steve Coe is the General Manager of Lightbox, an innovative new company specializing in high quality, laboratory-grown diamond jewelry for consumers. With more than 20 years of industry-leading experience in the manufacturing of synthetic diamonds, Steve is uniquely well suited to manage the newest business unit within the De Beers Group group of companies. In addition to overseeing the creation and launch of Lightbox, Steve will lead the brand’s ambitious growth plan, including the opening of a new purpose-built manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon which is estimated to be operational in 2020.
The genesis for Lightbox actually began in 2016 when Steve moved from Element Six, a De Beers Group group subsidiary with over fifty years of experience within the synthetic diamond category, to join De Beers Group and spearhead a major project assessing how the company should respond to the potential use of laboratory grown diamonds as a gem material. The project resulted in De Beers Group establishing Lightbox and appointing Steve as its General Manager.
Prior to joining De Beers Group, Steve held a number of key positions within Element Six where he was instrumental in expanding operations and successfully commercialising a number of new applications of synthetic diamond. As Executive Director, Commercial and Marketing, he was responsible for commercial strategy, product management and marketing across the company. Previously Steve served as Executive Director of Innovation during which time he led a major restructuring of Elements Six’s Innovation function, culminating in the consolidation of all R&D activities into a new purpose-built facility near Oxford. This is now the world’s largest and leading innovation facility focussed solely on synthetic diamonds and has helped Element Six consolidate its position as a technology leader in its field.
From 2007 to 2011, Steve was General Manager of Element Six’s Technologies division and prior to that he served as Research Manager for all of Element Six’s innovation on CVD (chemical vapour deposition) and then Operations Manager after having completed his MBA with Oxford University Business School. Steve initially joined Element Six in 1995 and was a leading member of the innovation team, which pioneered the development of the technology used to manufacture CVD synthetic diamonds. This included the successful commercial development of a wide range of high performance products utilizing this technology in varied applications including heat spreaders for high power electronics, windows for high power lasers and speaker domes for high end loud speaker systems.

Steve Coe
General Manager, Lightbox