Lonny Kocina has 6 steps to create laser-focused marketing campaigns that get results

The CEO’s Guide to Marketing outlines a six-step process called Strategically Aimed Marketing, or SAM 6® for short. It will bring clarity to marketing like you’ve never experienced before. It’s literally a step-by-step guide to more leads, higher sales and a stronger brand.

Lonny Kocina is a marketing leader and author of three books on marketing including his Amazon best-seller and Axiom Business Books award winner, “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing: The book every marketer should read before their boss does.” Kocina also pioneered the concept of our nationally trademarked Pay Per Interview Publicity® business model which enables clients to purchase publicity by the story. “It’s a familiar concept. If you pay for a pizza, you get a pizza; if pay for a car, you get a car; and with us, if you pay for media coverage, you get media coverage,” he explains.

Lonny Kocina
Media Relations Agency