Mat Rhoades on how BLMG is addressing the world’s renewable energy deficit by embracing sustainability

During August 2018, we will reach “Earth Overshoot Day,” according to several studies. That means we have maximized out our capability for renewables and the planets resources for the year, we’re now spending next year’s overall resources of capabilities of the planet as a whole. In 2018, we’ll use up the equivalent of 1.7 Earths to support human civilization. At current rates, two Earths will be needed to keep up with demand by 2030.

BLMG Co-Founder Mat Rhoades came on to CEO Money to discuss this report, and detail how the company is committed to developing and utilizing carbon-neutral energy sources to power various types of facilities to create a lasting, positive environmental impact. They see developing and improving off grid energy efficient technologies as a vital step in addressing this renewable resource cap and making sure that we aren’t living on borrowed energy.

Matt Rhoades is an experienced executive and strategic consultant who diverged from the usual college path during the break and emergence of the Dot Com era, to immediately bring his technical capabilities to bear for Levis Strauss & Company, a Fortune 100 Multinational. Most recently he has been a serial entrepreneur delivering streamlined solutions to start-ups, SMB’s, and Fortune 100 firms across multiple sectors.