Matthew Radin talks how managed joint ventures facilitate realtors in closing transactions

The Liberty Group helps you and your referral network members get more referrals through collaboration. When you work together to market your services as a one-stop shop of professionals who provide better solutions and get better results for the client, you and your network members get more referrals from each other and your clients!

If you’re a RealtorⓇ or other real estate professional, you probably give a lot more referrals to other real estate professionals such as loan officers, as well as accounting, legal and financial/insurance professionals, than you get in return.

These Real estate, Accounting, Legal and Financial professionals – or RALF, for short – are all necessary for Realtors’ transactions, and they all have the potential to be great referral sources for Realtors and each other. So Liberty Group helps RALF professionals to send each other more referrals, get paid for making referrals when their industry regulations allow, and ensure that the client gets the best possible result through managed collaboration.

Matthew Radin
Liberty Group