Pristine Advisors’ Patricia Baronowski on how a brand benefits from a one-stop shop handling all your communications

Patricia Baronowski has over 33 years experience working with Hedge Funds, Raising Capital, CEFs/BDCs/MLPs/ETFs/REITs/Individuals and Corporations in the investor/public/media relations capacity.
She has won several industry awards for her achievements in the industry, she has been featured on the cover of World-class CEO Magazine” as well as the cover of “WE Magazine for Women”.
Patricia is also a 2015-2018 Inductee to the “National Association of Professional Women – VIP Woman of the Year Circle”.
Patricia, along with her team at Pristine Advisers, has successfully helped their clients decrease discounts, ward off activist shareholders, increase share price, build relationships with current and potential investors, be featured in top tier financial publications, appear on financial television and radio and helps position clients in a variety of ways to the media.
The experts at Pristine Advisers know how to develop a powerful solution and ensure it is heard by all critical audiences. We have extensive contacts in all areas of the financial industry including global media, institutional shareholders, analysts and brokers.

Patricia Baronowski
Pristine Advisors