Rajesh Trivedi is buiding a blockchain social supercomputer to drive scientific discovery

Astra is a community-oriented Social Supercomputer where every day common people come together to build one of the most powerful Supercomputer in the world. Initially, Astra plans to use this decentralized computing platform for Scientific Discoveries and establishing collective Social Truths. People share their computing power for Medical Research, Scientific Discoveries and for building Trustworthy Public Data Repositories (or Blockchains), and earning valuable Digital Currencies.

Rajesh Trivedi, Founder & CEO, is a seasoned technology entrepreneur who excels in discovery, conceptualization, and development of new technology markets and industries. He conceptualized the idea of a worldwide Trustworthy Supercomputer into Astra project, wrote the whitepaper, developed the business plan, and built a talented team. At Astra, his primary responsibilities are – set the company’s strategic and technical directions; build and inspire the world-class team; craft market communications strategy; create worldwide awareness about the Astra project; execute strategic partnerships; raise financing; and do whatever it takes to make the team and project successful.

Rajesh Trivedi
Founder & CEO
Astra – The Social Supercomputer