Rob Braiman on how Cogent Analytics helps entrepreneurs strengthen their businesses, overcome challenges, and engineer profit

Business owners continually ask, “How can I increase production?” and “How can I improve sales?” The answers are quite simple. Look at the businesses operational inefficiencies and business performance. But how? Cogent Analytics delivers powerful solutions to transform your business. First, they review your current situation through the discovery process to identify areas of improvement. Next, they advise and implement necessary changes through business management consulting. While working with a client, Cogent builds a lifecycle relationship necessary to maintain the long-term, continuous health of your company.

Rob Braiman founded Cogent Analytics after spending over 10 years as a senior business analyst helping to improve and build main street businesses across the country. He has personally engaged with over 1700 businesses across the United States and continues to work to further the interests of other business owners like himself. The mission of Cogent Analytics is to bring tools of better management, organization, and profitability to privately held, small to mid-sized businesses; and to deliver our services with integrity and transparency.
Cogent’s primary objective in every interaction, is to put the interests of the client first. In support of that directive, Rob built a company culture based on a code of honor, courage, wisdom, faith, perseverance, and loyalty. The foundation of their value system started in the U.S. Military where Rob was a young man serving with SOCOM, creating a deeply-rooted personal code that he lives every day, and that he asks the employees of Cogent to embrace. Service to others under this code is at the very core of the entrepreneurial spirit and of which is a foundational pillar at Cogent.
One of Rpb’s special projects is to help former military members during their transition to civilian life. It’s his privilege to help them find and describe the value of their military experience as they seek employment and find success in the business world.

Rob Braiman
Principle, Managing Member
Cogent Analytics