SuReceta is a digital tool for spanish-speakers to find health resources and savings

Dr. Joseph Mosquera has over 35 years of experience caring for the Latino community as a general practitioner in Newark, New Jersey.
His integrative medicine practice is housed in the home that he grew up in when his family first moved here from Spain. The first floor of the house has been retrofitted into a doctor’s office, with the second floor still remaining a living space. The living room is now a waiting room and his childhood bedroom is now an examination room. In between seeing dozens of patients daily in the dual-purpose space, Dr. Mosquerapractices the life-work balance he preaches, enjoying regularly home-cooked meals made by his Mother, Delfina Mosquera, in between seeing patients.
Dr. Mosquera always wanted to help more than just the patients he is able to see face to face. That’s why he co-founded SuReceta, a digital destination, for doctors and patients alike, to find integrative health strategies and savings tools reflective of his medical methodology.
With a true passion for the pursuit of wellness, Dr. Mosquera offers his knowledge of integrative medicine and healthcare savings tips on a digital platform thanks to the help of his co-founders, Elaine Mosquera and Elara Mosquera. Elaine Mosquera, his wife, a certified life coach trained at Duke University and yoga teacher, is one of SuReceta’s integrative health voices and accountant guru, while Elara Mosquera, his daughter, is an award-winning journalist serving as chief content creative and marketing director. Dr. Matthew Mosquera, one of Dr. Mosquera’s sons, is also a medical contributor for
SuReceta produces original educational content and serves as a platform for integrative health voices with the sole purpose of helping all people have access to credible health information and healthcare savings tools.

Dr Joseph Mosquera