Xiaohan Zhu created Meter to be a value stable digital currency with high transaction performance

As the virtual world becomes more ubiquitous, people are naturally grouping themselves into decentralized communities based on their shared values, thus heralding a decreased need and acceptance for centralized authorities and governments. To create a robust decentralized economy, there is a need for a decentralized digital currency that can offer a proper unit of account for measuring values in both physical and virtual worlds. The volatility of cryptocurrencies makes it unlikely that people will use them for transactions rather than speculation. Xiaohan Zhu would like to explain how in order to be successful, decentralized applications (dApps) need a decentralized, stable, scalable cryptocurrency economy to ensure their longevity.

Xiaohan Zhu is founder and CEO of Meter, a digital currency delivering on the cryptocurrency promise of creating a blazing fast, global, decentralized and stable unit of value that is transparent and cannot be manipulated. He was managing partner at ZMT Capital and managing director was JD Capital, one of the largest private equity firms in China. He is a seasoned investor in fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with executive experience in marketing, product management, strategy and engineering at Huawei, Microsoft, Sony and Motorola. A Palmer Scholar, he received his M.B.A. from Wharton at University of Pennsylvania. He also a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego.

Xiaohan Zhu
CEO and Founder