Zachary Berk helps companies flourish with workplace mindfulness programs

Dr. Zachary Berk has been an entrepreneur and investor in over 20 healthcare companies during the past 30 years. In the previous decade, he was a practicing eye doctor. Dr. Berk has invested in almost every area of healthcare including medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare services. He even started a healthcare insurance company, Lumenos, which brought the Healthcare Savings Account’s (HSAs) product to market. After Lumenos was acquired by Anthem, Dr. Berk cofounded a biotechnology company, Prolong Pharmaceuticals, which treats patients who have hypoxia, which refers to the many medical conditions that occur when tissues are starving for oxygen. Prolong is currently in Phase II for a number of indications including sickle cell anemia and diabetic peripheral ischemia. Dr. Berk currently serves as its Chairman and previously served as its CEO and Chairman.
Dr. Berk is passionate about HappCo because HappCo has the tools to help companies and their people become more effective and happier about their work , themselves and their contributions towards improving their companies positive impact in their marketplaces and their bottom line.

Zachary Berk